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Private Walking tour in the Old town of Rhodes

Private Walking tour in the Old town of Rhodes

Rhodes Medieval City / Rhodes New Town / Acropolis of Rhodes / Rhodes Diagoras Ancient Stadium / Panorama of Rhodes, Monte Smith Hill / New Town / Palace of The Grand Master / Archeological museum/Alleyways of Medieval town / Moat and Fortifications

Enjoy a tour with a professional Licensed Tour guide that speaks your language. Let us take to a tour through time and history, and tell you everything about our islands rich history! From Ancient Greece to Middle Ages , the time of the Knights, Ottoman/ Italian Occupation, and modern times. The tours below where created for history lovers!

Private tour Itinerary

  • Tour A: From the New Town to the Old Town – Stories of the seas , stories of the city
  • Tour B: The Medieval city of Rhodes through the moat and the fortifications – The Epic side of story, heroes and common people
  • Tour C: The Palace of the Grand Master and the medieval city – The Palace of the Grand Master and the medieval maze
  • Tour D: Archaeological Museum and medieval alleyways -A journey through centuries
  • Tour F: Acropolis of Rhodes and Old town -Rhodes: The Origins, Champions and Heroes
  • Duration 3 hours
  • Availability : All year long


Private Tour Details

Tour A

This  tour will reveal you the true story of the Colossus of Rhodes, so famous as one  of the seven wonders of antiquity. Lost between myth and legends the story of the huge antique statue will be presented to you as its potential locations.

It is from the famous Colossus spot in the entrance of Mandraki harbour that we’ll meet and start the tour.

Starting from the administrative district built by the Italians in the 1920’s – 30’s, you will get to know firsthand how life is nowadays in Rhodes. Going a little further back in time, you will also learn more about this exceptional architectural complex of the fascist era that is still so impressive today.

Walking along the seaside, we will reach the Medieval City to uncover the Hospital of the Knights and ascend the noble Street of the Knights. Furthermore, we will pass by the Mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent, glorious testimony of 400 years of Ottoman rule. And finally, we will go through the commercial alleys to reach Ippokratous Square; the most famous meeting point of the Medieval City. A bit further we will enter the Jewish quarter and its Central square of the “Jewish Martyrs”. After a few more steps we will end our tour in this area that was known as the quarter of the Jewish community.

Tour B

It is here before these walls that Mehmet the conqueror with his 100000 men was defeated by a handful of knights Hospitalers fighting to survive along with the Greeks, Jewish and others living in the fortified city. The siege of Rhodes was known by its contemporaries as the “Iliades of its time” and the defenders of the city became living legends.

This tour is the perfect choice for visitors who want to dive into the epic medieval stories of the defenders of the city, while enjoying the exceptional fortifications that gave the city of Rhodes the reputation of an untakable fortress.

The tour starts between the modern city and the medieval city, close to the seaside. We will enter the moat to be immediately impressed by the scale and dimensions of this part of the fortified walls.

Your guide will not only reveal the tales of battles opposing huge Ottoman armies against the fierce Knights Hospitalers of the Sovereign Order of St John, but also the stories of all different historical periods visible only through the eyes of a specialist. Your guide will also reveal to you those techniques used here for the very first time by the best engineer of the Western world.

The fortifications of Rhodes are not only a miracle of medieval engineering but today they also serve as a refreshing park in the middle of the city, entirely surrounding the Old Town of Rhodes.

Through a passageway in the medieval wall, we’ll enter the Medieval city and visit its administrative district known as the Street of the Knights, a perfect occasion to better understand how the Order was organised. From the administrative district we will then enter Ippokratous square, where beats the heart of the Old Town, the perfect place to talk about what happens and where, as the Old town is still a bustling center with social, commercial, gastronomical interest and nightlife.

We will then continue until the Jewish quarter where our tour will end.

Tour C

Perched at the top of the hill that overlooks the Old Town, it is this Castle that one sees first when reaching Rhodes from the Aegean or Mediterrranean sea.

Discover its secrets through the narration of your licensed guide who will reveal that things are not just what they seem to be as the Palace of the Grand Master was also the seat of the fascist Governor of the Dodecanese during the Italian Occupation. This mighty fortress, last bastion of resistance in case of siege, reflects the stormy history of Rhodes and of those who wanted to rule the island. After the visit of this timeless headquarter, we will stroll down the Street of Knights which was the center of the noble quarter, where the consulates of the different tongues composing the Order were located.

At the bottom of this monumental alley, we will encounter the Hospital of the Knights which was the center of hospitality, offering some of the best known health care of its times.

From the quarter of the knights we will continue ascending through the commercial alleys to later reach the residential neighborhood of the medieval city. Walking through the serpentine streets, we will encounter mosques, shady squares and orthodox chapels before ending our tour in the ruins of a gothic church.

Tour D

The Knights Hospitallers of St John became famous for their medical knowledge, used to provide hospitality and healthcare to the pilgrims going to Jerusalem.

This was their initial function, that they perpetuated moving to Rhodes after being expelled from the Holy Land. Their Hospital in Rhodes reflects their tireless efforts to fulfil their mission of charity during the two centuries of their presence in Rhodes.

The Hospital of the Knights is hosting nowadays exhibitions starting from the Neolithic era to the Ottoman times, as it is the archaeological museum of Rhodes since the beginning of the 20th century. The great chronological diversity of this museum makes it one of the richest of Greece, including some masterpieces of different historical periods that represent the glorious past of the island. Gods, mythology, funerary remains and banquet vases are amongst the many exhibits awaiting us in this mesmerizing monument of the 15th century, including a botanical garden at the first half of this tour.

From the Museum we will ascend the noble Street of the Knights, to reach the entrance of the residential quarter with the mosque of Suleyman the Magnificent. From there, we will wander through the cobbled alleyways of the former Ottoman neighborhood. Passing by mosques and their charming shady squares, we will reach Ippokratous square where stands the medieval trading court. Our tour ends a bit further passing by the square of the Jewish Martyrs at the gate of Virgin Maria.

Tour E

It is said that when Zeus was sharing the land, after the victory of the Olympian Gods against the Giants, a wonderful island rose from the sea to be offered to the God Helios, the one who carries the sun on his chariot everyday from the East to the West.

This myth explains how the island of Rhodes became the property of the God Helios, which is why it enjoys an average of 300 sunny days a year. 

Mythology somehow always hides some truth. These tales narrating the past, the prehistory of Greeks have been passed on through countless generations becoming a living part of their identities, reminding them how things started, the superior power of nature, their origins, the accomplishments of their ancestors.

On the acropolis of Rhodes your licensed guide will present you the belief system and rituals of the ancient Rhodians, how they worshipped their Gods and honored their ancestors. Sacrifices, athletical and cultural competitions were a substantial part of the ancient Greek culture and of the highest importance in Rhodes; which evolved quickly into one of the richest city states of ancient Greece, proud of its champions winning repeated victories in the Olympic games.

From the top of the city we will follow the tracks of the ancient city’s plan designed by Hippodamus himself (the inventor of urbanism), until we reach the medieval city of Rhodes to enter from one of its most monumental gates.

After seeing the exceptional defense system designed by the best engineers of medieval times, we will stroll down the street of the Knights to end our tour in front of the Hospital of the knights.

Private Walking tour in the Old town of Rhodes

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my ship will not dock to the Port?

We offer full refund in the case your ship can’t dock

I have changed my mind can I cancel? Will I get my money back?

Yes. We provide full refund in case you inform us 48h ahead. For force majeure situations a full refund will be provided!

How can I pay?

We will need a small deposit to book the tour for you. Then you can Pay the rest at the day of the event or earlier. You can pay with Card or with Cash (You can pay in Euros, English pounds or US dollars. Please let us know in advance in case you wish to pay in GBP or $)
Free cancelation is always available as per above.

Is the driver going to be our guide as well?

No, according to the Greek law ONLY a Licensed guide is required to be your guide. Avoid at all times some local agencies or drivers that promise a full guidance as this may bring you unpleasant experience. The Greek authorities are very strict and instead spending a relaxing day you may end up having law issues with the local authorities. All our guides are professional and we only use the ones with the most experience and best knowledge!

Included in my Rhodes Private Tour :

  • Free Cancellation Policy
  • Free Pick up and Drop off at Hotel / Port / Airport
  • Car & Driver . All Prices are per car
  • High Quality services, tailor made for your needs
  • Professional Guide

Excluded from your Rhodes Private Tour :

  • Entrance Fees,
  • Wine tasting at some local wineries
  • Personal expenses
  • Food, Drinks, Lunch

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