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Frequently Asked Questions Rhodes Taxi Prices

Rhodes Airport Taxi – Frequent Asked Questions
Rhodes Taxi Prices and more

Answers to your Frequent asked questions about Rhodes Airport TAXI, transfers.

Are taxis in Rhodes expensive?

mini van taxis in rhodes

The problem with taxis in Rhodes are that might get too expensive without pre-booking. If you are planning to travel to Rhodes and book a taxi to your hotel/destination is recommended to book it online. This is how you can get great offers and avoid extra charges and cost. If you are planning to get a taxi from just outside the airport you should consider the extra charges, like airport fees and luggage fees. Most taxis are sedan cars so you need to take under consideration the boot size of the cars, which means that you might have use 2 or more taxis if you are a large group – typically more than 4 persons, or have large luggage. With you can pre-book your taxi without all these extra charges, get the option of larger capacity cars and avoid all extra cost and charges.

Where is Rhodes Airport located ?

Rhodes Airport is in close proximity to the capital city, Rodos (15 km away from the city center).

How much does a taxi cost from Rhodes airport ?

rhodes airport taxi cost

Usually a cost of a taxi from Airport to Rhodes town will cost around 36 euros, adding any extras.Alternatively you can get the one way ticket by bus to the city of Rhodes for 2.20.
A taxi to Lindos will be around 80 euros and a taxi to Kiotari will cost around 95 euro.
There are no busses to the other side of the island, for example if you need to get to Faliraki, Lindos Kiotari e.t.c you will need to take the bus first to the city of Rhodes and from Mandraki to take another bus to your preferred destination.
A taxi station is located just front of the arrival’s exit. Taxis are dark blue in Rhodes. Rhodes taxi prices- the cost varies depending on the destination, number of passengers and amount of luggage. Local taxis, front of the arrival’s exit will charge extra for luggage big items and baby seats.
In case you are not travelling light it is recommended pre booking your transfers as prices are not always fixed and you risk waiting in long lines especially during the high season. The amount of blue local, taxis to serve the island is approximate 400.

What are the transfer options from Rhodes Airport?

Of course, we hope we’ve made our Rhodes Airport transfer service as affordable and as high-quality as possible, but we’d still like to be helpful to visitors who don’t choose our transfer service. Depending on where you’re travelling to, you can choose between taxi, minibus, or public bus. There are too many different locations to cover, however, so you may need a more specific Google search to make sure you have the right information.

What airport do you fly into to visit Rhodes ?

There is only one airport on Rhodos island and this is the Rhodos International Airport – Diagoras RHO.

How far is Kiotari from Rhodes Airport ?

The distance between Rhodes airport to Kiotari is 60 km. Transfer to Kiotari is about 1 hour and 10mins hour Drive.

How far is Prasonisi from Rhodes Airport ?

The distance between Rhodos airport to Prasonisi is 105 km. Transfer to Prasonisi is about 1 hour 45 mins Drive.

How far is Lindos from Rhodes Airport ?

The distance from Rhodes Airport f Rhodes Lindos is 52 km. Transfer to Lindos is about 55mins drive.

How far is Pefkos from Rhodes Airport?

The distance between Rhodes airport to Pefkous is 55 km. Transfefr to Pefksos is about 1 hour Drive.

What to expect when you arrive at Rhodes airport ?

Upon your arrival at Rhodes airport you should expect that the estimated time for collecting your luggage around 30 minutes. Our staff will be expecting you at the arrival gate. Our driver will be holding a board with your name – as per your reservation request. Please turn your phone on to ease the communication. Don’t forget to check check the Rhodes taxi prices online and compare!

What are the taxi options when travelling with children to Rhodes airport ?

Children count as passengers. When booking a transfer you could request a child seat that adjusts to your child’s needs. We are the only company that will not charge you for extras!

Are child seats Free with

rhodes airport taxi baby seats

All child seats are FREE with our company. You will need to pre-order them though so we can guarantee that we will offer the right seat for your child’s age/size. Find more regarding our Rhodes taxi prices on our website.

Are pets allowed to travel on the vehicle, with Rhodes airport Taxis ?

Pets are allowed as long as we are informed in advance and providing that there is a vehicle available to provide the transfer.
There is an extra charge for this service. Please contact us for further details.

Can I transfer large items, such as whellchairs, surf boards, bikes e.t.c, in Rhodes Airport TAXI ?

Please mention what you need to transfer in your booking so that a specific type of vehicle can be provided for you.Extra charges may apply. Please contact us for further details. Check with us all Rhodes taxi prices.

Is there public transportation service to and from Rhodes Airport?

Yes, there is. It is €2.20 per ticket and the ride is approximately 40 minutes to Rhodes Town. You can find the bus stop at the airport, with clearly marked signs to lead the way. Unfortunately there is no direct connection to the South side i.e Faliraki , Kolymbia, Lindos, Pefkous, Kiotari, Gennadi e.t.c.

How do I pay for my Rhodes airport taxi transfer?

Whether you’re ordering a transfer from Rhodes Airport or its port, you pay the same way: either by card, bank deposit, or cash upon arrival. Please choose the payment option that is most convenient for you.

Can I book a Rhodes airport or port transfer with more than one stop?

Yes, you can. But as this isn’t a common request, this feature isn’t part of our booking process. If you would like to book a Rhodes transfer with more than one stop, please just contact us. Please note that addittional charges may apply.

How much is a taxi from Rhodes airport to faliraki? What are the Rhodes Taxi Prices?

You can check our prices on .
Price depends on the type of car. All prices are final you. No extra fees for all online bookings.

Is there uber Rhodes?

No, there is no uber in Rhodes.

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